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Joy to the World

New Orleans Bookfair 2015

I'm pleased to announce I'll have a table at this year's bookfair. If you're in town, stop by and say, "hi." I haven't participated since the 2011 bookfair. 

Poet David Rowe visits me at my table during the 2011 New Orleans bookfair.  (photo by Mark Folse)

An Obituary for Mr. So

Fouquet, Mr. So

Minnesota Spats, a.k.a. Mr. So, a tuxedo cat with emerald-hued eyes, aged nineteen, left this world peacefully on December 7, 2015, in New Orleans.

Mr. So was born in New Orleans in early August 1996. Errol Fouquet and Kristin Mott, of New Orleans, adopted Mr. So, along with a blue-eyed Tabanese female cat, Mata Hari, on September 5, 1996.

While technically an indoor cat, Mr. So was permitted a nomadic existence, which sometimes afforded some outdoor time on balconies and screened-in porches. Over the years, he dwelled in five apartments and six houses. Like many inhabitants of the Gulf region, Mr. So tolerated hurricane evacuations in several cities and in many hotels. He was in exile in North Carolina for one year and nine months following Hurricane Katrina and the resulting levee breaches, which flooded his home. 

Akin to most native New Orleanians, Mr. So savored seafood gumbo and spicy crawfish with gusto. When the occasion allowed, he enjoyed lobster and caviar. His …

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