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Thiebaud, Fitzgerald, Eliot, Soble

Happy birthday, to the late writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and my living best friend, James Thiebaud! Here we are, as photographers being silly, in 2012 at the first New Orleans Nightingales shoot at One Eyed Jacks. Photo by Ingrid Lucia! In one year's time, I hope to be publishing his first literary book! Stay tuned.

Also on the literary front...

here is a poem by an old Philosophy professor of mine, Alan Soble. It's in the current issue of Per Contra and it is still F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday for less than an hour...

T.S. Eliot fans might especially appreciate "The Love Call of F. Scott Fitzgerald" here:

Rampart & Toulouse now on Kindle

I'm excited to announce my second book, Rampart & Toulouse, is finally on Kindle. If you bought the paperback and want the Kindle version, check out the Matchbook price. Happy reading!

Rampart & Toulouse consists of three short stories and a novella:
- Becoming Obsolete; is a story of a young apprentice who signs on with Lucky's Refrigeration Repair, a move which has him pondering the past and future of his chosen profession.
- A lonely single mother with a full wine cellar must make a decision when a stranger appears at her courtyard gate in the story Varietals.
- The relationship between sisters can be intimate as well as rivalrous. In Paris is the Pretty One, when one sister takes a trip to Paris and the other stays behind, perspectives change rapidly in this psychological drama.
- When a young artist rents a studio apartment in an ancient building, she hopes for a fresh start. A formidable event causes a major unwanted shift in l…