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Showing posts from June, 2009

Cover Art at The Ampersand Review

Easy to Show

My story about the secret lives of real estate agents is at The Legendary or at my website here.

Traveling Lightheaded at Hobo Camp Review

photo by Jonathan Postal

click on the photo to read the story

New Work at The Bicycle Review

Photographs from my "Bicycles" series and a story, Fly Me to the Moon, are up at The Bicycle Review. Take a ride over.

Photography and Flash in MiCrow

Take a peek.

Featured Photographer in Shoots and Vines

What are you doing this weekend? Today through Sunday, photographs from my "Cemetery in Blue" series will be at Shoots and Vines. Each day, new ones will be posted so check back. Enjoy!

MUST mini zine

Literary origami...
more fun than the prize in the Cracker Jack box.

Click the cover above.