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Nouveau Noir

Six photographs from my "Nouveau Noir" series are in #4.

disenthralled issue 4

Caleb J. Ross reviews my book

"Caleb J. Ross reading Twenty Stories in the bathtub"

I am delighted and stunned by this lovely review. Read it here at Outsider Writer's Collective.

Two photographs are finalists

"Streetcar Garland" and "Barber Shop Trio"

I'm happy to have two photographs as finalists in the December photo contest at Voting ends tomorrow at noon.

View here and if you feel like voting for one of mine, thanks in advance.

The Poetry Bomb

The Poetry Bomb is a former U.S. military practice bomb. The artifact will be completely converted into a beautiful object filled with poetry from around the world. When finished, it will have a primo paint job just as if it were a classic car, complete with pin-striping. It will also have a window or portal that will open and close making it possible to not only see inside of the piece, but to take poems out at performances to read out loud, and to add future submissions. Once converted, I will take The Poetry Bomb on tour across the United States, and then, who knows? Plan on beginning the tour in late April of 2010.

It was mentioned in The New Yorker and I hear it may be making a stop at Chez Fouquet in New Orleans.

Find out more here.

Charactered Pieces: stories

"Reading Charactered Pieces"

This collection of stories is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. The short form has always been my preference. I admire when a writer can take us immediately in and then release us in short duration. When it works, it is exhilarating. Caleb J. Ross delivers this.
The stories in Charactered Pieces are dark, sometimes disturbing, and anxious. I found a theme of parental angst stream through many of them. It was enjoyable to spend some time in the mind of Caleb J. Ross, but in the end, it was more personal. I believe a story is successful when you discover something about yourself after reading it. I highly recommend this collection.

Find out more: Charactered Pieces: stories