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Project Eyepatch

Hello Artists,

I have a friend, P.h. Fred, who has lost sight in his left eye, 75 percent lost from poor post-Katrina care and the rest gone after a botched glaucoma surgery. He has started a project called Project Eyepatch where he is calling on artists to paint eyepatches. He will auction them off/ sell them online to help defer medical expenses and special driving lessons. I have attached a few photos of the eyepatch that I made. If you'd like to help out, more info can be found here at the Facebook link:

The new face of Full of Crow

Literature and Champagne




What: Come celebrate my birthday with a reading from my new book Twenty Stories and champagne provided by Chez Fouquet.

When: Friday, September 18, 2009 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Where: Blue Cypress Books, 8126 Oak Street. Uptown New Orleans. 504-352-0096.

More Bookstores

Twenty Stories is also available at
Faulkner House Books
Blue Cypress Books

McKeown's Books and Difficult Music

I'm so pleased that McKeown's Books is now carrying Twenty Stories. If you're in New Orleans, please support this local, independent bookstore.