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Rekindled Romance, a review of Madame Vieux Carré

Reading Madame Vieux Carré” copyright 2012 Kristin Fouquet

My week started off badly. Sprinting to the phone, I sprained my right gastrocnemius and found I could no longer stand or walk without assistance. As humbling an experience as it was, I decided to accept it as an opportunity to slow down and spend some time reading. I bought Madame Vieux Carré: The French Quarter of the Twentieth Century by Scott S. Ellis as a research book. I’m writing a novel set in the Quarter in 1961 and I thought the book would be a good resource. Well, it certainly was, but it became so much more for me.
While I have always loved the French Quarter of my hometown, New Orleans, I found myself falling more in love with her as I made my way through the pages of this book. Mr. Ellis did thorough research and even accounted personal experiences as an inhabitant of the neighborhood in the 1980s. As I hobbled back and forth on crutches between reading, I contemplated my own aging. I was a denizen of the Vieux Ca…

O Discarded Tannenbaum

Dancing With Myself at Sea Minor

Happy New Year, everybody! 

After the wonderful AJ Hayes named my second book, Rampart & Toulouse, as one of his top 5 books 

of 2011, the generous Nigel Bird offered me the opportunity to interview myself at Sea Minor

Self-indulgent? Maybe, but I was so honored I couldn't refuse.