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Ken Wohlrob gives a Wonderful Review to Rampart & Toulouse

"Rampart & Toulouse" is bestowed a wonderful review by writer Ken Wohlrob.  Here's a sample:

I’m not sure which came first: the photography or the writing. What I do know is that Kristin Fouquet’s love of photography infuses her storytelling. Her tales have that feel of old photographs you discover in a thrift store bin — you don’t know these people, but you can see their lives boiled down into that moment. 

Read the rest of the review here: "Book of the Week: Rampart & Toulouse by Kristin Fouquet"

New Orleans Bookfair

This Saturday, November 5th, I'll have a table at the New Orleans Bookfair at the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres Streets. I will be selling and signing my books, "Twenty Stories" and "Rampart & Toulouse," along with giving away some lagniappe- including microzines, "MUST" and "Durable Goods." It's supposed to be a beautiful day. If you're in town, please stop by and say "hi."