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Surrendered Stories available for Pre-order

I'm delighted to have my fifth book, Surrendered Stories, available for pre-order from May 24th - June 7th, 2019.
Included with a pre-order:
- a signed copy of Surrendered Stories
- a 5x7 original, signed b&w print from the book
- a postcard and a bookmark
- free worldwide shipping

SURRENDERED STORIES, with photographs by Kristin Fouquet
~four short stories of literary fiction with twenty-four companion photographs~
ISBN: 978-1-59948-762-5 Publisher: Le Salon Press Pages: 98 Price: $14.95
~if you'd like the book inscribed, please provide the name or names in the comment section at PayPal~ Thanks!
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Vicious or Virtuous Cycle: a review of “Existential Labyrinths”

In Julian Gallo’s compelling novel Existential Labyrinths (Palm Frond Tea, 2018), the nameless protagonist and narrator is a writer struggling in existential crisis. He hates his job. His hot and cold relationship with a young painter named Julia is maddeningly frustrating. He becomes disillusioned with his native New York City and its denizens. His own vicious circle, his cycle of ever-questioning himself and art and its purpose, distracts him from writing his novel. The solution he fixates on is running away to Paris to retrace the steps of his literary heroes.
I was reminded of two other novels while reading Existential Labyrinths. I found myself comparing the Julia in this book with the Julia in George Orwell’s 1984. Although they have purportedly been involved for three years, the protagonist in Gallo’s novel regards his relationship with Julia as temporary, much like Orwell’s Winston views the affair with his Julia. I wondered if this narrator would have to give up his Julia to…

Interesting and Unusual Souvenirs in Time for Jazz Fest

I was delighted to find this article, 5 Interesting and Unusual Travel Souvenir Ideas, which mentions my first book, Twenty Stories, under the second souvenir idea: Books by Locals. 
With scores of visitors coming to town for Jazz Fest, I thought I'd do a bit of shameless self-promotion by mentioning all four of my books may be found at these fine New Orleans bookstores: Beckham's Bookshop (228 Decatur Street), Blue Cypress Books (8126 Oak Street), Crescent City Books (124 Baronne Street), Faulkner House Books (624 Pirate Alley), and Librairie Book Shop (823 Chartres Street.)

Carnival 2019 in New Orleans

My highlights of Carnival 2019...

Mardi Gras and National Absinthe Day- March 5, 2019

Two Photographs in San Pedro River Review

I'm delighted to have two photographs, "Moonlight" and "Waiting for the Parade," in San Pedro River Review Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2019: "Night" Many thanks to editors and publishers Jeffrey and Tobi Alfier!

"Nine Nocturnes by Kristin Fouquet" at Punk Noir Magazine