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Author Copies and Postcards at Le Salon Shop

  I'm delighted to have my author copies and postcards at my Etsy shop, Le Salon Shop! Please let me know a name or names in the personalization option if you'd like the book inscribed. Thanks so much for all the support! Fleur Royale , a novelette.  
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Fleur Royale, a novelette

  A novelette is a curious creature. It's too long to be a short story and too short to be a novella. I'm delighted to have my new novelette, Fleur Royale, available for Kindle and in Paperback at Amazon . I'll have signed author copies in my Etsy store in a couple of weeks. Thanks for any and all support!

"Solarized Pinhole Heads" in Exist Otherwise, Issue #8

  My "Solarized Pinhole Series" began with taking photographs with a lensless camera then manipulating the images with a digital filter. This process is similar to the one I performed in the darkroom. The results are an interesting blend of old and new technology while eliminating the strong chemicals. I'm delighted to have one from this series in Issue #8 of Exist Otherwise .

"Classification" in Exist Otherwise, Issue #7

  I'm delighted to have my photograph, "Classification," published in Exist Otherwise, Issue 7 . Many thanks to Erik Jennings!

Photographs in Exist Otherwise, Issue #6

  “Masks are made of different kinds of material: cardboard, velvet, flesh, the Word. The carnal mask and the verbal mask are worn in all seasons. “                                               - Claude Cahun Happy Bastille Day! It was on another French Holiday, Mardi Gras, in 2022, I used my old Kodak Brownie film camera to capture the festivities. I'm delighted to have three of those photographs, "Mardi Gras Birdman," Mardi Gras Flock," and "Mardi Gras Toast" published in Exist Otherwise, Issue #6 with the theme of Masks.  Many Thanks to editor, cc bovarysme!

“Eve in Eden 02” in EcoTheo Review

I'm delighted to have my photograph, "Eve in Eden 02," published in the Summer 2023 issue of EcoTheo Review. Many thanks to the editors at EcoTheo Collective! Purchase a copy here.

"Mardi Gras Surrealism 01" in Passengers Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2

  I'm excited to have my photograph, "Mardi Gras Surrealism 01," in Passengers Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2 . Using a Kodak Brownie film camera, I created double exposure images, and then merged two to form a landscape. Many thanks to the editors!