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Hobo Camp Review, Issue 34

The Spring issue of Hobo Camp Review is live! There's stellar poetry and prose, book reviews, and an interview. I'm delighted to announce my photograph, "Temporary Neighborhood," was selected for the cover. Many thanks to the dedicated editor, James H Duncan!
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"Cocteau's Ransom" is published in Danse Macabre

I'm excited to have my darkly comedic, dumb criminal story, "Cocteau's Ransom," published at Danse Macabre- Issue 112 "Ricordi." Many thanks to editor and publisher Adam Henry Carrière!

Janus Revisited

"Propped Up"

Propped Up
first published in Pindeldyboz

Christmas Muzak was piped through to every store in the shopping mall. Giant red velvet bows adorned reproduction Victorian gaslights. Yards of glittered cotton pretended to be snow. A Santa rang a brass bell.
“If you ask me, it ain’t natural,” Ted muttered.
Sunny was more optimistic. In her blissful eighteen years, she had not yet had an encounter with Father Cynicism. “It’s like a miracle.”
Before he could counter her statement, she flicked on the vacuum cleaner and got to work on the big carpeted cubes.
Ted yelled, “Passive aggressive,” but nobody heard. He adjusted his belt, then fogged the camera lens with his breath and wiped it.
When Sunny had finished with the prop cubes, she turned off the vacuum cleaner.
“Freakin’ fertility drugs,” he called out too soon, proving he had been saving it until the din subsided.
“She sounded so happy on the phone that we could take their picture.” Sunny pulled down the snowy pastoral scene backdrop. “She said sh…

Happy Holidays!

Paris 2017: Street Photography