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"Seven Photographs"

"Cumulus Profile" copyright 2010 kristin fouquet

My latest collaboration, "Seven Photographs (With Text)" with Hans Ostrom may be found here.

Intimates by Kristin Fouquet at Undie Press!

"Flashing Flapper" copyright 2009 kristin fouquet

I'm delighted to announce the kickoff of my new monthly photo column, "Intimates by Kristin Fouquet," at Tim Hall's wonderful, newly launched Undie Press. Name dropping: Karen Lillis, Dean Haspiel, Tim Hall, Victor Schwartzman, Mark Cashion, Lynne Senne.

"Undie Press is a literary entertainment site featuring serialized and streaming work by insanely talented creators. We also offer generous free ad space for your projects." Check it out!

Becoming Obsolete

"Ice Chest" copyright 2009 kristin fouquet

The inaugural issue of Muscle and Blood Literary Journalis now available in print for purchase or free online. I'm pleased to have my story "Becoming Obsolete" included in this issue.

Dog Days of Summer e-chap