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Blink/Ink print issue #1

Blink/Ink print issue #1 is now available in pdf here.

Seven Photographs in Hobo Camp Review


I have seven photographs in Issue 4 of Hobo Camp Review. I chose sepia in hopes to complement the dusty, road weary feel of the magazine. Thanks, James H. Duncan.

Pulp Metal Magazine

Grab yourself a drink and relax with Jason Michel's brand new offering, Pulp Metal Magazine.
"A heady smorgasbord of odd fiction, cult celluloid, unreal doodling, lowbrow waffle & heavy, heavy music." Themes:
Horror, Sci-Fi, Slipstream, Noir, Weird Fiction, Future War, Psychogeography, Dreams, Nightmares, American Gothic, Magick, Mythology, Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, Bizarro, Urban Legends, Cautionary Tales