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A.M. Garner's Undeniable Truths now available

A.M. Garner's book is now available. I'm proud to have my photograph as the cover art. Read the interview to get a feel for the subject matter and insights into the author.
Read here: Undeniable Truths

Graffiti's Gray Area

I have a photo essay up at the On the Wing section of Full of Crow. It's in Issuu. If you are unfamiliar with it, you just click on the cover and it should zoom to full screen, then read it like a book.

Click on the photo or here:
Graffiti's Gray Area

Please Sign the Petition to Save Our Oyster Industry

This paternalism is going to put a lot of people out of business. 30 cases of vibrio vulnificus from raw oysters a year and of those half are fatal. Every oyster bar and restaurant in New Orleans has the warning about consuming raw shellfish. "Eat at your own risk" should be enough. The treated oysters taste horrible. Even cooked oysters would have to be treated during those seven months. Oysters are an important part of this culture. This enforcement would destroy much of the cuisine that identifies this city. Please don't punish the majority of healthy consumers because of a few at risk who could abstain of their own volition.

Please read: Louisiana blasts new FDA rule requiring oysters to be sterilized

Please sign: Save the Gulf Coast Oyster Industry

Undeniable Truths

My cover art for A. M. Garner's book by Rank Stranger Press to be released November 1st. Here's a nice article by the author about the process, the publisher, and mehere.

Danse Macabre XXVIII

Happy October! All Saints' Evening is live at Danse Macabre This issue is bountiful and I'm flattered to have ten of my photographs (along with lovely Tarot Death Cards, Grimm plates, and other macabre) illustrate the lush literary offerings. Enjoy this one all month long.