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Please Sign the Petition to Save Our Oyster Industry

This paternalism is going to put a lot of people out of business. 30 cases of vibrio vulnificus from raw oysters a year and of those half are fatal. Every oyster bar and restaurant in New Orleans has the warning about consuming raw shellfish. "Eat at your own risk" should be enough. The treated oysters taste horrible. Even cooked oysters would have to be treated during those seven months. Oysters are an important part of this culture. This enforcement would destroy much of the cuisine that identifies this city. Please don't punish the majority of healthy consumers because of a few at risk who could abstain of their own volition.

Please read: Louisiana blasts new FDA rule requiring oysters to be sterilized

Please sign: Save the Gulf Coast Oyster Industry


  1. Another example of our over careful societies restricting our experience of life by over reacting to dangers. Life without danger is not worth living. I don't eat oysters because I don't enjoy them but this sort of thing is annoying! Here in South Australia we have signs warning of not swim because the ocean is dangerous, do not walk here because there are cliffs, beware no railings. The age of litigation!


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