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Rampart & Toulouse now on Kindle

I'm excited to announce my second book, Rampart & Toulouse, is finally on Kindle. If you bought the paperback and want the Kindle version, check out the Matchbook price. Happy reading!

Rampart & Toulouse consists of three short stories and a novella:
- Becoming Obsolete; is a story of a young apprentice who signs on with Lucky's Refrigeration Repair, a move which has him pondering the past and future of his chosen profession.
- A lonely single mother with a full wine cellar must make a decision when a stranger appears at her courtyard gate in the story Varietals.
- The relationship between sisters can be intimate as well as rivalrous. In Paris is the Pretty One, when one sister takes a trip to Paris and the other stays behind, perspectives change rapidly in this psychological drama.
- When a young artist rents a studio apartment in an ancient building, she hopes for a fresh start. A formidable event causes a major unwanted shift in lifestyle, but with some unexpected rewards in the novella Rampart & Toulouse.


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