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"Sweet Bird of Truth" in Thunder Sandwich #27

After a long hiatus, Thunder Sandwich is back with issue #27. I'm happy to have my story "Sweet Bird of Truth" there among these great writers and poets:

Gerald Nicosia
A.D. Winans
Ron Androla
RD Armstrong
Ronald Baat
Rusty Barnes
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozaba
Tom Blessing
Harry Calhoun
Alan Catlin
Glenn Cooper
Joan Colby
Aleathia Drehmer
Verless Doran
William Doreski
Curtis Dunlap
J. K. Durick
RC Edrington
Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Ray Foreman
Timothy Gager
Karla Huston
Marlene Elisabeth Lennon
Lyn Lifshin
R.J. Looney
Helen Losse
Jack Marlowe
Tony Moffeit
Carter Monroe
Sheila Murphy
Daniel Pietraszewski
Dan Raphael
Charles Ries
Margaret A. Robinson
Ryan Scariano
Coleen Shin
Willie Smith
Bart Solarczyk
Jenny Strawson
Cheryl Townsend
Joseph Veronneau
Teresa White
Mark Hartenbach
Jolene Riggs-Burke
Frank Reardon
Gerald Yelle

Featured writers
Ned Wynn
DB Cox
Mike Boyle
Kristin Fouquet
Anita Garner
Joe Farley
Rudy Koshar
Keith Jones
Paul Anderson

Founder & Editor in Chief
Jim Chandler

Fiction Editor
Carter Monroe

Poetry Editors
R. J. Looney
Trina Stolec

ISBN: 1534-4037


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