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39th Annual Home and Garden Tour featuring Artists in Residence

The Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association (FMIA) announces a new spin on the annual Home and Garden Home Tour called "Artists in Residence" on May 15th noon-4pm.

The participating artists live in the historic Faubourg Marigny Rectangle will open their homes, studios, and gardens. Among these will be renowned painters George Rodrigue and James Michalopoulos; award-winning filmmakers Jim Gabour, producer/director of the Grammy nominated film Flow with Terence Blanchard, and of the worldwide No. 1 music DVD, "Norah Jones: Live in New Orleans" ; Glen Pitre, author, director, playwright, and screenwriter celebrated 25 yrs of Belizaire the Cajun, Hurricane on the Bayou, Cigarettes & Nylons and continues to collaborate with wife Michele Benoit in a variety of medias; authors Troy Gilbert (Dinner with Tennessee Williams), Jerry Edgar (The Café Degas Cookbook), and David Lummis (The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans), with additional local authors including Michael Allen Zell (Stitches of Light) and Kristin Fouquet (Twenty Stories), the latter of whom will also be photographing the event.

The foremost purpose of this expanded event is to honor the late Lloyd Sensat, an active resident of the Faubourg Marigny as well as a teacher, artist, author, tour guide, devoted preservationist, and long-time member of the FMIA, who took part in neighborhood events dressed as the colorful namesake developer, Bernard de Marigny. Bill Hyland, a descendent of Bernard de Marigny said, "Lloyd could be seen almost daily walking in the
streets of the Marigny leading a tour talking about the city he loved. He was an unmistakable sight; a jaunty walker with a full head of curly white hair (with a pitch helmet in summer), dressed in white linen slacks and shirt and vintage suspenders. "

Washington Square Park (700 Elysian Fields) is the epicenter of the Home Tour experience from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm hosting an art market and musical performances by local talent. Tour-goers can purchase tickets from 11 am - 3 pm on May 15, 2011 for the self-guided walking tour or visit
http://www.faubourgmar.... (Kids 12 and under are free.)

As you purchase your ticket, register to win the door prize and receive three nights at River House, a luxury guest house in the Faubourg Marigny (
http://www.riverhousen...), the magnificent home of author David Lummis, Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans and his book's narrator. Amazing items such as signed books and prints, DVD's, and gift certificates from local businesses are available by purchasing raffle tickets during the event at River House.

River House will host a book signing during the Home and Garden Tour in its Marigny Street garden and courtyard as Zazou City plays New Orleans Gypsy Jazz. Featured at this event will be numerous neighborhood authors, with Faubourg Marigny Art & Books (FAB) as the official bookseller. Adding to the festivities, Sonoma Valley vineyard Fess Parker Winery will provide its newly created wine, "The Big Easy" and local eateries will provide finger food.

Day's Events:
10am - 4pm - Arts Market
10am - 4pm - Kids' Activity Area
11am - Music starts
11am - 3pm - Tour tickets available to purchase in the park
12 - 4pm - Home & Garden Tour

The Home and Garden Tour, "Artists in Residence" is sponsored by FMIA and two local companies, Positive Vibrations Foundation, and River House Publishing. Positive Vibrations, a non-profit whose mission is to seek peace and unity through development and preservation of arts, music, culture, and heritage. River House Publishing, http://www.coffeeshopc... a division of New Orleans-based Marigny Research Group, Inc., is the publisher of The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans trilogy, Parts 2 and 3 of which will be released in 2011 and 2012, respectively.


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