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J.O. Boyles - Tom Bradley - Felicia Florine Campbell

Alana I. Capria - Patricia Carragon - Adam Henry Carrière

Alex Cigale -Casey Clabough - Joyce Corbett - Tony Curtis

Kristin Fouquet - Arlene Greene - David Hughes

E. D. Karampetsos - James Kendley - Larry Lefkowiitz

Lyn Lifshin - Ben Loory - Vladimir Mayakovsky

Mark A. Murphy - Valery Oisteanu - Ellen Omer

Jamie Parsley - DLW Pesavento - Elizabeth I. Riseden

Christina Rossetti - Save Rush - satnrose

Michael J. Solender - William Makepeace Thackeray - J.S. Watts

Jeffrey Wallmann - Shane Weber - André M. Zucker

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You Were Perfectly Fine by Dorothy Parker

"Martini" kristin fouquet

This is my favorite hangover story. A raise of the glass to the inimitable Dorothy Parker.

You Were Perfectly Fine


Dorothy Parker

The pale young man eased himself carefully into the low chair, and rolled his head to the side, so that the cool chintz comforted his cheek and temple.“Oh, dear,” he said.”Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. Oh.”The clear-eyed girl, sitting light and erect on the couch, smiled brightly at him.“Not feeling so well today?” she said.“Oh, I’m great,” he said.”Corking, I am. Know what time I got up? Four o’clock this afternoon, sharp. I kept trying to make it, and every time I took my head off the pillow, it would roll under the bed. This isn’t my head I’ve got on now. I think this is something that used to belong to Walt Whitman. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.”“Do you think maybe a drink would make you feel better?” she said.“The hair of the mastiff that bit me?” he said.”Oh, no, thank you. Please never speak of anything like…

Paintings by Dimitri Fouquet

"Rizzum & Blues"

"Ravi Shankar"

"Opium Dream"

"Marie Laveau"

"Baron Samedi"

Dimitri Fouquet


New Orleans artist

"Evie's Cure" is published at Red Fez