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Paintings by Dimitri Fouquet

"Rizzum & Blues"

"Ravi Shankar"

"Opium Dream"

"Marie Laveau"

"Baron Samedi"

Dimitri Fouquet


New Orleans artist


  1. These are gorgeous paintings - thank you for sharing them. I especially like Rizzum and Blues - is this artist a relative?

  2. Thanks to both of you.

    Yes, he is my late father-in-law. The Baron Samedi was used as the front cover art for Dr. John's "Creole Moon" and the Marie Laveau on the back. I'm fortunate enough to own "Rizzum & Blues," which is a fairly large painting and the Ravi Shankar. Dimitri was a great artist and a wonderful man. I wish he was still around and painting.

  3. *Wow* Thank you so much, Kristin, for posting your father-in-laws *dazzling* paintings; what an exquisite legacy, and you have well honored him (and the lwa) by sharing this work. Each time I view them I discover something anew. Of course, they are now difficult to obtain but I will continue to seek them for purchase. I feel I would truly be missing something precious if they should be unavailable for viewing even on line in the the upcoming years. And you, by the way, have a brightness and vividness in and of yourself that prompts my smiles! Most Sincerely! Angelique

  4. I'm just reading this. I don't know how I missed it! Thank you so much for your kind words, Angelique. I'm flattered.

  5. Hello everyone, Is there any printings available of Mr Fouquet's art , I am fascinated by his Baron Samedi and Marie Laveau.


  6. While the Fouquet family retains all copyrights to the images and the original oil paintings, we had nothing to do with the actual manufacture of the posters. Dimitri was a generous man and allowed that aspect to be handled by a friend. I can honestly say that the family has received no monetary reward from this arrangement.

    That said, I did a quick Google search and found this link to Dimitri's Marie Laveau poster:

    I can't find anything on the Baron Samedi.

    Best wishes and thank you for your interest in Dimitri's artwork.

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