Saturday, January 28, 2017

Le Salon Tea Blend by Viridian Tea Company Endorsement

"Le Salon Tea" copyright 2017 Kristin Fouquet

Now that I've tried the tea, I can endorse it. Le Salon Tea blend from Viridian Tea Company is comprised of assam tea, dried rose hips, and dandelion to create a delightful and unique flavor. Many thanks to Kimberly Richardson for honoring me with a tea I hope to drink for many years. Cheers!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Le Salon Tea Blend by Viridian Tea Company

It's an honor to have a tea blend inspired by my books and photography. As an introductory offer, Viridian Tea Company is temporarily selling the blend at half the usual cost.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Deadly Decadence, a book review of Open A

"Reading Open A" copyright 2016 Kristin Fouquet

Some believe there is a correlation between the creation of great art and suffering. The artists in Kimberly Richardson’s novel Open A must succumb to sacrifice to embrace their passions and their art. The “Dark Gift” each of these eccentric characters possesses is a creative talent entwined with madness.

We view this Gothic dream through the eyes of Graydon Fayette, a master violinist who has an extraordinary relationship with his instrument. Graydon’s uncle is the luthier of his violin and a mysterious man who produces elusive wines from unusual ingredients. The Fayettes are an ancient Southern family who enjoy the privilege of a dark influence unbeknownst to normal society. While their relationships with one another do not adhere to the usual mores, they are civilized and polite in their formalities and rituals. When Graydon becomes enchanted with the beautiful, alluring Aerin, and subsequently her twin brother, he finds himself entrapped in a power struggle of creativity, desire, and control.

Richardson’s lush language describes in great detail the sensual settings of the feasts, the concerts, and the balls, which occur throughout the novel. She has created characters with heightened senses and insatiable sexual appetites, entities willing to exact the ultimate price to fulfill their decadent passions and fantasies. This story kept me engaged until the final note.

You can read the first chapter at Dark Oak Press.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"A Stain of Madness..."

I am elated my often overlooked third book, a chapbook, The Olive Stain has found a new reader. Many thanks to Kimberly Richardson at the Nocturnal Aesthetic for appreciating my dark side and writing this lovely review.

A Stain Of Madness That Smells Sweet

The Olive Stain and Other Stories is available at Amazon

Signed copies available at Le Salon.

The Blooming Bead Trees of New Orleans

The other day, I saw a sparrow perch on a dangling bead from a tree. It resembled a little swing for the bird. Only in New Orleans.