Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Swan Song: The New Orleans Nightingales

"The New Orleans Nightingales Wall Portrait" copyright 2014 Kristin Fouquet

My Swan Song: The New Orleans Nightingales

Five weeks ago, I confronted myself with a difficult decision. After a long internal debate, I concluded I would retire from commercial photography and videography. I will continue to pursue fine art photography and conceptual personal projects, but I will not be able to work for clients any longer. I feel grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to capture amazing people. When I look back on these memories, the one thing I cherish the most is the trust afforded to me by my subjects. This decision was not made as a reaction to any of my past shoots or clients. It was made as a commitment to myself to prioritize my writing as I was always neglecting it for other projects.

It seems fitting my swan song would be for the talented and lovely New Orleans Nightingales. Two photographs from my last shoot with them are in the December 2014 issue of OffBeat Magazine. Thank you, Gales, for entrusting me and thank you, Elsa Hahne, for publishing them.

It’s been quite a ride. Cheers to you all!