Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lemonade Stand to Support the Nigerian Kidnapped Female Students is this Saturday!

Hi New Orleans friends, this Saturday you can enjoy a lemonade and make a difference for the Nigerian girls kidnapped for wanting a "western education." Please come out and make a stand. It's easy for us not to care about what doesn't happen in our backyard. I believe in human rights and I hope you do too. It's important!

Address:919 Adams St
Date: Sat. May 17th 2014

Here is the letter from the sponsor:

Hello Everyone,

Mosobalaje Bidima (Mrs Thiel's Class) and I will have her first Lemonade stand and other things for sale in honor of the 270 girls forcefully abducted and taken into captivity by Muslim militants while @ school in the North Eastern part of my country, Nigeria a month ago. Their crime? Receiving 'western education.'

We want to support 2 of the women's groups on ground in Nigeria that are helping the parents who are affected by this travesty and are asking the world for help.

Indeed, in recent time, there appears to be an increasing war against innocent school children world wide. Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere.

Mosoba's tent will be in the parking lot of First Free Mission Baptist Church.

Address:919 Adams St
Date: Sat. May 17th 2014

If you are interested in coming out to hang out with us for a minute or two or more, you can create and bring along your own sign:#Bring Back Our Girls!

Also, help us spread the Word to as many people as you know who care about the plight of children ANYWHERE in the world.

We will take pictures of our SOLIDARITY.

Thank you for your time.