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6th Anniversary of the Storm

I'm not sure why this year has hit me harder than the others. Perhaps, it is because my son, unborn at the time of the disaster, has started kindergarten. His difficulty in adjusting reminds me of my own vulnerability in the years 2005-2006. While slightly reluctant to share this personal story, I decided even though we move on, it's important to remember. This essay was first published in Mother Verse, Issue 5, January 2007.
Goodbye, My New Orleans

first published in Mother Verse, Issue #5

The television in the hospital waiting room was on but muted. A large red and orange graphic was swirling on the screen.
“Hurricane,” I said casually as I steered my toddler away from the vending machines.
My husband replied, “Yeah, It’s gonna hit the Florida panhandle.”
“Hmm,” I pondered before I was distracted by the calling of my name.
I was there for the five month ultrasound that would reveal the gender of my new child. My husband held our reluctant 20-month-old daughter in his lap as …

"Rampart & Toulouse" Released!

Happy day! My second book, "Rampart & Toulouse" a novella and other stories, is released today. Free worldwide shipping. Many thanks to all who have ordered a copy. Cheers!
View the book trailer and order here.

Rampart & Toulouse, a novella and other stories

My second book, Rampart & Toulouse, a novella and other stories will be released on August 13th, but pre-orders are being accepted now. See the book trailer on the book page here. Thanks for the interest!