Friday, March 25, 2011

"Apostle Rising" by Richard Godwin, a review

"Reading Apostle Rising"
2011 Kristin Fouquet

The first striking note upon reading “Apostle Rising” is the stunning fact: this is Richard Godwin’s first crime novel. The construction is carefully and cleverly plotted. The entire book is precisely paced with short chapters, keeping the reader anticipating the next.

Twenty-eight years after the unsolved case of “The Woodland Killings” nearly destroyed him, Chief Inspector Frank Castle must now find a copycat killer. With the assistance of his partner DI Jacki Stone, they try to penetrate Karl Black, a suspect from the first investigation. Black has founded a dark cult, The Last Brotherhood, which has a different interpretation of Christianity. In addition to the copycat killings of politicians, a new rash of prostitute murders occur, further stretching police resources and the psychological impact on Castle and Stone.

Weaved within the story are italicized passages in the first-person, allowing the reader into the mind of the killer. These insights are often poetic, sometimes wrathful, but always sinister in their foreshadowing of the bloodshed to come. The murderous author of these beliefs describes and elevates the murder weapon with veneration to such a degree, it nearly becomes a character itself.

Godwin’s diction is tremendous. The accounts of the murders are visceral, a witnessing of the crime in minute detail. A few had even this reader, a party to several autopsies and many embalming sessions, cringing from the intense depth and duration of these torturous killings. The ability to display this facet interposed with the killer’s dynamic philosophy, and the detectives’ slow struggle to closure, displays Godwin’s deft craft.

“Apostle Rising” is beautifully written with colorful language and vivid descriptions. Godwin’s deep psychological exploration of his characters may have his readers delving deeper into their own minds.

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© 2011 Kristin Fouquet

Find out more here: Richard Godwin Media

Purchase a copy here: "Apostle Rising" (Black Jackal Books, 2011)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Apostle Rising" by Richard Godwin is now available!

More information can be found here. Congratulations to Richard.

Pick up a copy. I'm reading it now and really enjoying it. Review to follow.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Undie Press launching Digital Editions at MoCCA

Undie Press will be launching its new line of gorgeous, affordable literary and art prints at the 2011 MoCCA Festival in New York City, April 9-10. Our spring 2011 collection features New Orleans writer and photographer Kristin Fouquet. Please come by and say hello, and check out the amazing new art/word hybrids we’ll be debuting at the show.

For more details about the MoCCA festival, including times and location, please visit the festival home page.

(above: detail from “The Painters,” by Kristin Fouquet)