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It is a very fine year...

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"Perception" at Gaze Journal

Last March things became strange. My camera produced new images. This photograph marked a different direction. I'm delighted "Perception" is included in the wonderful Gaze Journal's Self-Portrait Series ! Click on the link then the images to view the larger versions. Many thanks to Darla Mottram for publishing my work!

"Stella is Art"

  "Stella is Art" copyright 2021 Kristin Fouquet

Charming and Significant- a review of The Goodness of Saint Roch

          Having read this last summer, I must confess this is a long overdue book review. Prior to acquiring this collection from Crescent City Books  in December of 2019, I had read only one short story by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-Nelson. It was "A Carnival Jangle" ... a poignant brief tale I was delighted to reread along with the other thirteen stories in this slim volume. Her brevity is in bountiful economy and she wrote long before the term "flash fiction" was coined to describe some of the shortest of short stories.         Her stories in The Goodness of Saint Roch  are charming in their affectionate detail but equally as significant in documenting a bygone era of New Orleans by one of her native daughters. Thank you, Second Line Press , for preserving this important work! The cover is too stunning not to mention as well.          -Kristin Fouquet 2021 "Reading The Goodness of Saint Roch" copyright 2020 Kristin Fouquet

"Surrealist Mardi Gras Triptych" published in Existere Journal, Volume 40, Issue 1

  The three double and triple exposed photographs of my "Surrealist Mardi Gras Triptych" were captured by a Brownie camera on Mardi Gras 2020. I'm delighted to have them published in Existere Journal! Many thanks to the editors. Copies are available via York University Bookstore .  
"Holiday Message" copyright 2020 Kristin Fouquet  

Three Photographs in Déraciné Magazine

  Cover art, “Ornithophobia,” by Kristin Fouquet I'm delighted to have three of my photographs from my "Phobic Portraiture" series published in this sublime issue: Volume VII . Many thanks to the editors!